Managed Data Centre & Endpoints

Your technology and the way your team interacts with it has changed forever. With the mainstream arrival of cloud, mobile devices being everywhere and penetration of Office 365 and Azure, Data Centre management simply isn’t what it once was.

Fewer organisations are preserving a traditional server room anywhere, let alone on-premises. Where such environments do remain, core applications like email, have often already migrated to a hyper scale cloud, hosted hundreds of kilometres away, and many times the size.

Where businesses still rely on a more traditional “data centre”, its typically a dedicated, multi-tenanted platform that extends your private cloud with facilities, power, cooling, and computing all run by an onsite team of experts.

Today, when someone talks about managing the Data Centre they’re really referring to oversight of your core systems, applications, data architecture, perimeter security, connectivity and the way everything hangs together.

Similarly, managing your company’s fleet of devices is an altogether different proposition too. Modern employees are increasing tech savvy and over the past several years have spent billions of dollars on personal portable devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. It’s harder and harder to figure out where your digital organisation begins and ends. BYOD is now simply the way people work with the boundaries beyond blurred.

The modern worker is increasingly younger and has grown up around technology. Or they might be more mature but at the same time use a range of digital devices to manage apps that enhance both their business and personal lives.

So, whilst your team members may still have a business laptop, they probably also access work on a personal tablet and personal smartphone as well. To complicate matters they’re possibly, even probably, working from home, depending on your local level of lockdown.

The digital dinosaur is truly extinct and this makes securing your technology boundaries a minefield for IT. Creating delightful technology experiences across an array of disparate devices, is infinitely more challenging.

That’s where Fuse Technology can help! Managing your infrastructure both in the cloud and at the endpoint has been our core focus from the start. So whilst the landscape has undoubtedly changed, navigating through it isn’t vastly different if you’ve travelled the road before and have a trusted partner by our side, who can help you decide which direction to go.

Our team understand that enabling those rich, intuitive, experiences that the cloud promises is achievable. But we also recognise that living the digital dream demands a different approach. Our goal is to make IT simple and we do so by tackling the problem at both ends.

We’ll manage your data centre systems and applications but never forget about the user experience. Unlike most providers who prefer to keep their hands clean leaving desktop devices to internal IT, or even the end user, Fuse believe that’s where the real benefits are found.

Let us transform the way you and your team engage with technology to fulfil your potential by aligning both ends of IT with the business. Our team can manage your data centre, wherever it lives, ensuring that your business apps are connected, always available and working in harmony. That’s what we do best.

But we don’t stop there? We care about the end user too and know that game-changing IT is about ensuring that fantastic user experience, whatever the device. That’s why we’re specialists in endpoint management, and are ready to tackle that challenge as well.


Managed Data Centre

  • Applications and Operating System support for core infrastructure whether on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based.
  • 24 x 7 Application, Availability and Performance monitoring with proactive intervention and event management
  • Security and patch management of server infrastructure including critical updates, service releases and applicable bug fixes
  • Reinstallation and configuration of supported application environments
  • Rigorous Incident, Problem and Change management
  • Streamline and automate IT functions releasing your internal IT team from routine desktop and device management tasks

Managed Endpoint

  • Business hours onsite support for desktop and mobile devices requiring H/W replacement
  • Shared remote control, with your end users, allowing for rapid troubleshooting and remediation via our Service Desk
  • Release your internal IT team from routine desktop and device management tasks with the rollout of new application and operating system features seamlessly integrated into the users experience, enhancing functionality
  • Centralised control and release of security updates to minimise the risk and impact of security incidents
  • Management of your standard operating environment including security and feature updates, printer devices, application packaging and image updates to encompass new equipment