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The Copilot for Microsoft 365 Baseline Optimization Questionnaire is designed to aid organisations in evaluating their preparedness to embrace Copilot for Microsoft 365, focusing on four lenses:

  • Your organizational profile: Have you identified a business case in the right departments that can be supported by Copilot for Microsoft 365?
  • Your productivity and collaboration tools: Are you using the tools and services that will help your identified departments and users take advantage of the capabilities of Copilot for Microsoft 365.
  • Data security and governance: Has your organization identified and implemented controls and safeguards necessary to satisfy any organizational, country, or regulatory based requirements as it pertains to the use of Copilot for Microsoft 365.
  • Copilot Eligible Users (User Checklist): An initial snapshot of the number of users that could immediately take advantage of Microsoft Copilot as they most likely already meet all the pre-requisites.

The answers to the questions in the survey will help to produce a series of ‘scores’ that can help to provide a snapshot of organisational readiness to adopt Copilot for Microsoft 365 and guide the subsequent planning and rollout.

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