Virtual CxO

No matter what industry you’re in, technology is a cornerstone of running a business or organisation in the modern era. Without it, quite simply, your business would fail.  Whether it’s about basic communication between team members, marketing to your customers, selling your goods and services online, or simply paying your staff – your IT is essential to your success.

IT has woven itself into the very fabric of the modern workplace and your employees expect great technology experiences. These days, it’s impossible to live in the digital dark ages and maintain a productive workforce, let alone achieve that elusive competitive edge.

Technology is moving so rapidly – cloud, big data, machine learning and AI, smart devices and IoT. The security landscape is fraught with vulnerabilities most of us barely understand, let alone know how to deal with.

Running a forward-thinking business demands superior technology expertise and the strategic thinking and leadership to know how to use it. Yet, with organisations everywhere facing the same digital challenges, recruiting that technology leader with the industry knowledge, vision, skills and experience to set the agenda and implement it, is highly competitive and often very expensive.


Depending on the size of your business, you may not need, or be able to afford a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Yet, ironically, it’s when business are growing that, being able to exploit IT to maximize efficiency is paramount.

Equally, smaller companies are typically more vulnerable to security threats having neither the budget nor know-how to implement rigorous security measures. They’re also the least able to deal with technical recovery, loss of reputation or the financial consequences of being hacked or the victim of a cybercrime. But there is a solution that doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Fuse Technology understands the struggles of a small to mid-size business, and specialises in plugging the gaps that organisations have neither the resources nor the expertise to fill.

Thats not just support & consultancy, but extends to providing advice to your business, understanding the “art of the possible” and navigating the overwhelming options.

Our team have been advising organisations how to strategically deploy budgets to achieve the best ROI, for decades. We aim to support your leadership team, understand your businesses unique elements, providing advice on driving change and achieving your key initiatives.

We start by understanding your business, its goals, strategic priorities and budgets. We then educate your leadership team about the options, promoting understanding in terms of opportunity cost and financial cost with a view to agreeing a long-term programme and key milestones.

Our Virtual CXO service is about filling the CIO and CISO gap so your IT strategy and security is completely aligned. We clear away the confusion about what’s next on the agenda versus what’s “next-gen” and secure your environment, making sure it stays that way. Our approach is to minimize vulnerabilities by deploying best-in-class solutions, leveraging your internal capability or our services, and identifying those risks which can be mitigated and managed without financial outlay.

Getting the most out of your IT doesn’t have to be about recruiting the best people. Your business doesn’t have to remain stuck in a rut, performance hindered, whilst constantly delaying strategic planning because you’re having a hard time simply managing the day-to-day.

With Fuse’s Virtual CxO Managed Service we own the IT problem end to end, turning your goals into a robust, long-term strategic technology vision that fully aligns with your company’s unique requirements.


Key Features

  • We help you set your strategic priorities, and identify your key initiatives and how best to secure your target ROI
  • We provide the expertise, gained through a deep understanding of the technology landscape to help you figure out which solutions are good fit for you
  • Our team have literally decades of experience designing and implementing technology projects and can offer proven methodologies and process guidance that drives successful change


  • Our clients come from the most regulated of industries meaning our virtual CxO’s can advise on compliance and regulatory matters and how they affect your team
  • Our technology leaders have without exception lead technology teams from small to large, and can help evaluate the skills of your existing team to ensure you have the right expertise on-hand, to achieve your objectives.