Change Management

The story is predictable and one we’ve all seen before. You make an important announcement, whether it’s a new office, new service, a new application or new way of working.

Such proclamations are wrapped in positive sentiment and in the early days are met with excitement, particularly if better things are on offer. Early resistance may even be low.

But as they say, the “devil is in the detail” and when that detail starts to affect the routines or procedures of your team, digital challenges quickly become emotional ones, as safety and security is threatened.

What is missing in most projects is the human element of digital programmes.

Change can be hard, and people habitually resist it. The result is that projects and initiatives of all types fail to deliver on the results promised at the outset. At its core, resistance is instinctive and arises from prior experience and because people worry they’ll lose something they value, or fear they won’t adapt to what’s new.

This extends to all areas of life, not just the office, however, within the workplace there are few things that generate as much confusion and frustration as technology – and specifically change in technology.

Despite all the smartphones and smartwatches, social media and the internet, at an emotional level, humans have evolved little over thousands of years and it doesn’t take much to trigger fight or flight.

In a world where the relentless evolution of technology drives the pace of organisational change, great IT can be the difference between winning and losing, and organisations need to keep moving. The success of change programmes are what separates good leaders from great, and those merely competing in the market, from those winning it.

With Change Management and project management, all but synonymous, having the right project team to drive your digital transformation agenda is critical.

So whilst, focusing on tangible deliverables is tempting, what your team really need is a partner that values great communication, employs practical measures that make the difference, and truly understands that your team is on a journey, with us as the guide. This is where most of our competition falls short. Because we live and breathe digital change, engineers and technologists have a nasty habit of thinking that tech is easy, and talking …overrated. We know we’re stereotyping but “the shoe fits”!

Fuse is different and we know that achieving great outcomes for our customers is as much about asking the right questions before things kick-off, as it is about giving orders and pushing the right buttons on the day. It’s not just about the app working but taking a moment to walk in the shoes of the end user ensuring that organisational processes and the structure that surrounds it, is fit for purpose.

For some, tech isn’t easy, and good communication significantly enhances the experience, even if the journey takes longer

If you’ve been burnt by delayed projects or watched key initiatives, that should have succeeded, fall in a heap, you know the importance of having the right team. But funding that team, out of your own budget simply doesn’t make sense.


Key Benefits

  • Plan and execute key technical initiatives, with a trusted partner dedicated to helping you achieve the desired result
  • Access the technical and change expertise derived from hundreds of digital initiatives
  • Keep focussed on the project business case ensuring time, cost and features are always kept in balance
  • Offload responsibility for the planning, implementation, and realisation of solution benefits
  • Leverage experienced support to identify and mitigate the risks and handle communication between team members
  • Engage a partner that truly understands the people aspect of change, and has the technical expertise and soft skills to manage both aspects of a change initiative.