solutions for the modern workplace

In the era of digital transformation, the way team members collaborate and communicate defines your organisation’s productivity and future success. However, workplaces have become increasingly fragmented with remote working becoming the norm, basically overnight. Technology is now the key mechanism that binds your people together, enabling staff access to data and their connection to the cumulative knowledge of your business.

Exceptional collaboration relies on a synergy between the infrastructure that underpins your systems, the user experience which must be intuitive, delivering seamless access to systems and data from anywhere, and the core application functionality that empowers your teams and allows work to get done.

Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft is a global leader in the provision of hyper-scale cloud infrastructure and applications for business Microsoft Office 365 is unrivalled as the dominant productivity suite in the enterprise applications arena. For the past decade, public and private enterprises have sought to migrate key elements of their core infrastructure to Office 365 such that in hybrid scenarios, the cloud-based workload is more often that not email, which lives in Office 365.

Azure is Microsoft’s complementary solution and an even more flexible platform offering more than 200 cloud based products and services designed to solve the challenges of today and help businesses create their future. 95% of the Fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft Azure which is unsurprising given Azure encompasses more than 90 compliance and security based solutions.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Fuse specializes in both Office 365 and Azure, designing solutions for customers that allow your business to operate hybrid environments seamlessly.

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Modern Workplace

The working landscape has changed almost overnight. Over a matter of months the traditional workplace that has defined organisational dynamics for decades was deconstructed with employees across the globe restricted to remote working. Critical human interactions, which had previously happened face to face are now determined by the quality of your communications systems. Remote access to information, your team’s ability to function, collaborate and communicate from the home office is now the most important element in your organisations ability to survive and thrive.

As a specialist in Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, with Consultancy, Cloud and Managed services propositions, designed for your business, we’re here to help. Let us assist your business in embracing better workplace productivity, enabling inspiring experiences whilst automating your fundamental processes to drive efficiency and promote a happier, more engaged workforce.

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User Experience

Your employees are undoubtedly your most important asset. As technology becomes ever more intrinsic to operations, it’s in the way it serves people, both end users and your customers, where your business truly benefits. Despite advances in artificial intelligence, human workers continue to power business with the rise of the machines, still just science fiction.

Ensuring your team members are empowered by their tools, with technology experiences that are easy, augmenting and rewarding, is crucial. At Fuse, we know that game-changing IT is about the end user and our solutions are designed from the ground up to enhance the quality of interactions between your workforce and their working life.

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