IT Security

In recent years modern businesses have experienced an escalation in the frequency and sophistication of security attacks. As cyber threats evolve, your organisation faces the continual and complex challenge of keeping up with an ever changing security landscape.

IT Security encompasses threat protection that starts at a mobile device level, and extends into network security, authentication and encryption, user identity management, intrusion prevention, secure connectivity, next-gen antivirus, advanced threat protection, and perimeter security.

At Fuse keeping your business safe from breaches, is our business. We understand that organisations with more limited resources face the greatest challenges and the landscape is no safer simply because your brand is isn’t global.

Enterprise mobility, the shift to cloud-based infrastructures and the proliferation of smart devices and IoT appliances has massively increased the surface attack area, creating new entry points for attackers to infiltrate your network.

Cybercrime is at an all-time high and even common threats can cost mid-sized businesses millions of dollars. IT teams are under pressure to effectively control, secure, monitor and manage your applications whilst grappling with an increasingly distributed and variable network security perimeter.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the globe, your business like many others has had to become distributed and decentralised as employees everywhere shifted from the office to remote working.
Today, the challenge is for companies to reconsider how you can deliver cost-effective, robust and manageable IT security without damaging the end-user experience.

In years gone by security teams were discrete, an elite team that was focussed purely on the network perimeter and ensuring that physical security, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems were hardened and impenetrable.

However, the architecture has changed and with the arrival of cloud systems and mobile devices the boundary now lies at every point of authentication whether that’s a smartphone device, your laptop or even the new cloud service your business just launched.

The threat landscape is highly complex and these days with increasing delegation of control to smartphone vendors, cloud application providers or even your friendly IT service provider there are more entry points than ever before. There’s little doubt that we’re now all using a lot more technology.

Fuse adopts an integrated view of security, declining to treat it as a separate discipline. We believe IT security should be pervasive, holistic, cloud-driven, and range from device level protection, up and down the technology stack and end with cyber training for your team.

We’ve spent the time evaluating a range of next-generation cloud-based 3rd party security solutions as well as having a deep knowledge of the Microsoft cloud security stack. Our customers have peace of mind that as they move to the cloud, and their workforce becomes more distributed, that threats are quickly identified, and rapidly remediated with every endpoint is protected.

Hackers invariably go for “softer” targets and most are more interested in your money, than the glory of embarrassing the big brands. Small or mid-sized cyber fraud albeit smaller in nature is just harmful even if the sums are lower.

Many organisations use Office 365 with the days of hosting your own Exchange server becoming long gone. Yet having your email in the Microsoft Cloud doesn’t automatically mean Microsoft-level security is protecting your business. Wishful thinking!

Many IT partners will offer to tackle your core applications but most overlook the critical point security solutions that make it secure. It takes key features such as Advanced Threat Protection and Multi-Factor authentication which aren’t enabled by default, before your email systems starts becoming secure. For us at Fuse, that simply doesn’t make sense and we know the impact of a cyberattack can be devastating for small and midsize companies. Your businesses is vulnerable to having your whole operations disrupted by an attack, and it might take you a long time to recover.


Key Benefits

  • Offset the lack of skilled internal IT personnel and engage with a security oriented partner that’s knows the threat landscape and has done the hard work for you
  • Harden your businesses IT security posture with cloud-based solutions designed to address all manner of threats
  • Gain confidence in the knowledge that your perimeter has been thoroughly tested and that hackers must overcome multiple layers of authentication and security before they can access your data


  • Inspire confidence in your customers by have a robust IT security strategy that protects their personal data
  • Maximise business output and avoid the lost productivity and downtime involved in recovering from a cyber-attack
  • Reduce the risk of adware and ransomware, viruses and malware which slow computers to a crawl making work practically impossible.