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In years past, performance of the local LAN was paramount, with the corporate office, at the core of every business. Communication with the outside world was limited to email, web browsing or traditional forms of correspondence.

The paradigm has shifted and whilst temporary losses of connectivity were once an inconvenience, today any outage is potentially critical, leading to financial loss. Businesses are bandwidth intensive and reliant on messaging systems, cloud infrastructure, Voice over IP, video conferencing, online transactions and online banking, cross-platform integrations and a need for 24 x 7 remote access by employees. When it comes to selecting the right connectivity solutions for your business, it’s vital to consider not just what fits your needs today, but for years to come with consideration of performance, availability and affordability.

The network layer is a key part of any functional business and has been the foundation of effective communication for decades.

Business Internet

Your organisations internet service is the lifeblood of communication. Fast, reliable, business grade connectivity for internet, between offices and for voice traffic is the very the backbone of organisational productivity. Your people interact with partners and customers on a daily and even hourly basis, exchanging messages, documents and media continuously with the very boundaries of your business increasingly blurred with the outside world. Yet such boundaries are thrown into stark relief during any kind of connectivity interruption and few things are quite as disruptive or embarrassing as a service outage.

Fuse has partnered with the best Service Providers in the Australian market to bring to our customers a portfolio of cost-effective, high-speed, business grade circuits which offer performance, resiliency, quality of service and availability.

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Distributed Enterprise

The era of the single large, monolithic office, to which everyone commuted and where the work got done, is history. With globalisation, organisations began stretching across the world, with large companies likely to operate in multiple regions and time zones with employees and centres of innovation widely distributed. Technology has kept pace and offices are invariably connected, non-stop, with data located and managed centrally, and physical distances no longer a factor.

This organisational interconnectedness may be a feature of the modern world, however, building and managing a functional wide area network infrastructure still offers a number of challenges. Not least of these is which technology will cost-effectively deliver the required performance, reliability and simplicity. Fuse, is closely partnered with Australia’s best carriers to offer our customers a range of wired and wireless solutions ranging from fibre leased lines, and SD WAN to 5G mobile services.

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Organisational success is heavily influenced by effective communication. However, legacy telephony platforms aren’t able to keep pace with modern working practices, which are characterised by a mobile and remote workforce. Organisations are typically turning to cloud based unified communications solutions like Microsoft Teams, which deliver and integrated voice, video, messaging, file sharing platform and more.

Underpinning the evolution to sophisticated voice solutions has been a move away from ISDN towards SIP Trunking which has clear advantages and allows the carriage of both voice and data on the same channel. With the major carriers starting to switch off ISDN, the network is expected is expected to be fully decommissioned by 2022. Fuse are experts in communications in the modern workplace and can offer your business a range of voice solutions, from a fully hosted cloud voice platform to SIP trunks, in-dial number ranges, toll-free numbers, porting and minutes.

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