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Like most modern enterprises, your workforce is distributed. Teams are often virtual, separated by geography, shift patterns and time zones, working from home or abroad, with technology binding it all together.

When it works, people easily connect and collaborate. Ideas flow, business gets done and the possibilities seem endless. But when it doesn’t work….? When systems or applications are down, coordinating your teams and keeping everyone calm is a major headache that needs an entire team to manage! Business literally grinds to a halt, and confusion and frustration is rife.


Maintaining a modern IT infrastructure is certainly a challenge! However, grabbling with complex systems whilst trying to also self-manage a professionalised and efficient customer service oriented IT team? That’s a whole other ball game, requiring experienced staff, tiered teams, specialised systems, robust processes, monitoring tools, knowledge bases, change management, and SLAs.

There’s a crucial difference between using technology to run the business and falling victim to running technology. Your business, should be focussed on what it does best, with technology being the solution, not a problem you need to retain an entire department to coordinate and manage.

Putting The Customer First

Outstanding IT is about creating exceptional end user experiences and at the heart of that lies a functional Service Desk. That’s where that where partnering with Fuse Technology makes the difference.

Whether we’re providing support On-Demand, a  business Internet or WAN circuit, hosting your enterprise cloud or delivering a fully Managed Service, the Fuse Service Desk lies at the very centre of customer engagement.

As the beating heart of our operations our Service Desk enhances your efficiency serving as a customer service hub that focuses IT issues and queries all in one place. All incidents and service requests, from the trivial to the critical, flow through via this key team of experts who are on hand 24 x 7 to triage, resolve and escalate issues as they arise.

At Fuse, our Service Desk is manned by qualified technicians trained in customer service and familiar with a vast array of day-to-day IT issues. By channeling all your team’s technology challenges into this single highly proficient team we strip away much of the confusion and frustration that goes hand in hand with technical problems therein driving efficiency and enabling service continuity.

Our Service Desk processes have been developed and refined over the course of tens of thousands of support hours to create a seamless experience. Don’t fall into the typical trap that many business do of juggling our core specialty alongside what you do best.

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Key Benefits:

  • Level 1 to 3 remote technical support and remediation
  • Tickets can be logged via email, telephone, or automatically via system monitoring
  • Service Level Agreements specifically tailored to your needs


  • Incident and problem prioritisation
  • Activity tracking with automated ticket updates
  • Escalation to vendor or 3rd party support under maintenance
  • Change management and coordination