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In the fast-paced world of Legal services, your business demands a technology partner that not only understands the unique needs of a law firm but also propels you into the future of seamless digital transformation. Fuse is your trusted ally in navigating the complexities of delivering secure legal services in the modern IT landscape. 

Cyber Risks in the Modern Legal Practice are REAL.

Over the last few years multiple Big Law firms such as Allen & Overy, IPH Limited, the International Criminal Court and HWL Ebsworth in Australia, and other international locations, have suffered attacks where there has been significant financial and reputational loss to the firm but more importantly potentially devastating breaches of client data. 

Cyber criminals whether independent or part of an organization have an ever increasing arsenal of tools at their disposal and see law firms as the perfect target for a cyberattack.  They know the professional responsibilities that law firms owe to their clients regarding the data that they hold for clients and if a cybercriminal can obtain this data, or lock this data from access, they know the law firm will be under immense pressure to pay a ransom to prevent a leak or regain access. 

These criminals also know that law firms regularly hold client monies in trust, making them a prime target for attempted misdirection of funds attacks. 

Law Firms are now held responsible for data breaches.

There are changes coming to the law for small law firms that fell victim of a data beach. All businesses under AU$3M turnover will need to adopt the same reporting and disclosure standards to clients and the Regulator as larger firms, whether the breach is caused by a malicious actor or internal human error. 

For law firms of all sizes the proposed right of action will provide law firm clients, that have suffered harm as a result of a cyber attack at their law firm, the ability to bring potential legal action for breach of privacy. 

Law Firms Partners need to take action now.

According to a study by ALPMA, the risks associated with cybersecurity in the legal industry are not being countered by sufficient action by partners of law firms, who have ultimate responsibility for proper cybersecurity

The majority of law firms surveyed feel they are not ready to handle a cyber incident. Another 19 per cent of firms felt they were not doing enough to keep themselves safe.  55 per cent of firms surveyed said they have no formal policy with regards to the use of artificial intelligence, even though legal firms are increasing their use of AI in the workplace.

At Fuse Technology, we can help you protect your employees and clients, and propel your organisation into the future.

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Why Choose Fuse for Your Managed IT Services?

Fuse Technology is your Partner that help you navigate the complex landscape of IT Support for legal firms. The ideal Managed IT Partner serves your business with a strategic blend of cybersecurity, innovation, reliability, and excellence and this is exactly what Fuse Technology offers. Take the first step toward a transformative journey of your law firm with us! 

Strategic Partnership for Digital Transformation

At Fuse, we don’t just offer Outsourced IT services – we forge strategic partnerships for the digital transformation of your law firm. Our seasoned experts understand that every law firm is unique, and we tailor our IT managed services to align seamlessly with your goals. 


Innovative Solutions for Unprecedented Challenges

Innovation is the heartbeat of Fuse. We lead the charge in adopting near cutting-edge technologies, ensuring your legal firm stays ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape. You can be safe in the knowledge that we are testing the latest technology internally but will only roll it out for our legal clients when reliability permits it.  From cybersecurity to cloud migration and AI, we deliver solutions that empower rather than merely support. 

Cybersecurity Excellence

 In the digital age, cybersecurity is paramount. Fuse Technology goes beyond simple protection; we are a Security First Managed IT Services Partner and ensure cybersecurity excellence for all our legal clients. We understand the enhanced risk faced by law firms given their critical data and client information and our unique award-wining solution leverages best-in-class from a variety of specialist providers to safeguard and uphold the integrity of your business. 

Fuse Managed IT Services

We build strategic partnerships that go beyond IT support, offering robust cybersecurity, seamless IT infrastructure management, and cutting-edge innovation for your law firm. 

Fuse is not just an IT service provider; we are your ally in propelling your business towards secure digital excellence. 

Technical Support & Service Desk

Our on-demand technical support offering is designed to fill that gap in your capability whether it be consulting expertise for your next project, reactive Level 1 and 2 support for keeping the “lights on” or simply ad-hoc IT technical know-how to get things done.

Infrastructure Management 

We manage your infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on your data centre, wherever it lives. With a cloud-first approach, we can help you procure, design, migrate, host and manage your cloud deployment.

End User Computing

Our support extends to your end users to ensure they receive a fantastic experience while maintaining control over their devices.


Cybersecurity First

We protects businesses with a simple, cost-effective and comprehensive managed security service and align your business with the ACSC Essential 8 IT security standard.

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Fuse's combination of technical competence and thorough understanding of client needs, makes them an excellent, highly reliable, implementation and support partner. Petra Playfair, CEO, Playfair

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Your business deserves more than just IT support – it deserves a partner that understands your industry and champions your digital success. Fuse is that partner.


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