Managed Cloud

The cloud services market has continued to expand year on year as businesses seek to exploit the performance, flexibility and agility of a hyperscale cloud. Cloud infrastructure dominates the technology landscape, with adoption statistics offering a compelling story of widespread acceptance by businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

In 2020 the public cloud market was projected to reach $266 billion in annual revenue with 94% of the market already using cloud services of some kind and more than 30% of budgets allocated to cloud based computing.

The enormous resources and unparalleled economies of scale available to Microsoft, Amazon and Google has enabled a complete dominance of the cloud infrastructure space with competition between them heating up, translating to cost efficiencies and feature-richness for end users. Hosting your own infrastructure is increasingly a strategy employed by only the most tightly regulated of organisations and more often than not public cloud is perceived as a “no-brainer”.

Whilst public cloud infrastructure is a compelling option, it isn’t suitable for every scenario or circumstance and most organisations continue to embrace a hybrid cloud approach retaining some of their infrastructure and applications in a private cloud or on-premises. For these businesses there’s a typically a sunk cost that continues to offer a return on investment while the resources allocated are still meeting the workload’s unique performance requirements.</p?

However you organise your cloud, whether it be predominately private, overwhelmingly public or a hybrid balance of the two, having everything integrate seamlessly, takes experience and know-how.

A Cloud-First Mentality

Fuse Technology embraces a “cloud-first” approach, exploiting on-demand services as the most cost-effective and feature rich method to deploying technology in 2020. Yet, whilst cloud brings together new levels of scale, performance and agility that was unthinkable just a few short years ago, it’s worth remembering that hybrid cloud is a relatively a new architecture, and bringing together, the public and private in a hybrid ecosystem demands a skillset rarely present within the in-house IT skills of most businesses.

Fuse’s team of specialists have an enviable track record, having worked in cloud infrastructure since even before it became known as the “cloud”. Our specialists were class-leading in building one of the first commercial “infrastructure-as-a-service” deployments anywhere in the world.

This early adopter level of experience is rarely matched in the industry making us perfectly placed to manage your cloud’s procurement, architect its integration, migrate your data and once there manage your licensing, hosting, resource provisioning, security and data continuity.

With a Managed Cloud service from Fuse, you can take the ultimate step in offloading the overhead of managing technology, completely tailored to your organisation’s needs. Whether it’s your first cloud migration, leveraging Microsoft’s class leading Office 365 and Azure platforms, or taking over management of your own privately hosted systems, Fuse Managed Cloud is the solution.

We’ll help you manage the costs, reduce the risk, increase flexibility and take advantage of all the operational efficiency that a cloud based infrastructure promises, without the hassle of having to run it yourself. Our end to end service enables you to focus on your business whilst we’re focussed on your technology, enabling you to spend time on what’s most important.


Key Benefits

  • Leverage the convenience of a single trusted partner taking ownership for your business critical technology assets
  • Confidently embrace a cloud infrastructure, future-proofing your organisation and putting technology obsolescence behind you, once and for all,
  • Enjoy the security from knowing a team of highly-qualified engineers with decades of combined cloud experience is engaged to optimise your cloud platform, provide end-to-end management, monitoring, maintenance and support on a 24 x 7 basis.


  • Enjoy industry leading service levels to support your environment no matter where it lives, private, public or hybrid.
  • Explore the benefits of a hybrid Managed Cloud selectively offloading those workloads that make more sense in the cloud without the worry and hassle of figuring it out yourself
  • Choose between business hours and 24 x 7 coverage specifically tailored to meet your unique needs