Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the reimagining of business through technology and involves thinking, planning and building digitally to create inspiring customer experiences. It demands that organisations dispense with traditional, analogue ways of working and fundamentally reorganise the way business gets done.

Whole industries have been disrupted and redefined by digital transformation programmes, with entirely new business models emerging. We’ve all witnessed the Uber’s of the world use digital transformation to deconstruct their industry landscape, driving far superior customer experiences, not merely outpacing the competition, but rendering them all but obsolete.

Whilst landmark disruption of this kind isn’t possible for every business, the potential for digital efficiencies are massive if a deliberate approach to harnessing the power of technology is adopted.

Mega technology trends such as cloud, mobility, automation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) dominate the technology ecosphere. Properly capitalising on these major trends is still in its relative infancy and the potential to drive new revenue streams, enhance productivity and efficiency, whilst delighting your customers is still generally untapped.

Your infrastructure lies at the core of digital transformation, and it is likely impossible for any business to truly harness the benefits on offer without the building blocks afforded by cloud.

Cloud infrastructure, provides flexible and scalable on-demand access to resources, in a cost efficient, consumption-based model. Coupled with cloud, enterprise mobility, connects your team to your data and applications, regardless of device ownership or location. Your teams and customers are on the go, always connected, and whilst finding ways to exploit the smart device opportunity is slightly different for every business, it doesn’t take much to examine what others have done and adapt them to your business model.

Business process automation is about examining organisational processes and redesigning them as digital workflows that connect disparate systems, automating interactions between been staff and streamlining customers’ experiences.

At first glance, digital transformation might seem intimidating and be about barely conceivable levels of digital disruption, but the reality is many of the key gains to be had are simply about capitalising on proven technologies that can change the way you operate.

Fuse’s focus is solutions for a modern workplace making transformation programmes our digital bread and butter. Our aim is to transform the way your business leverages technology, helping you to full your goals by tapping into your digital potential and allowing technology to accelerate your success.

From day one we’ve embraced a cloud-first strategy, the cornerstone of digital agility to address the challenges that we see our customers face every day. Our expertise has been honed throughout hundreds of cloud transformation programmes. It’s literally where we live and with our help you can make it your home too.

We know that game-changing IT is all about the user and the devices they interact with. That’s why we’ll help you get oversight and control of your enterprises mobile device fleet, whether BYOD or company operated. We’ll deliver secure, predictable, and enriching mobile experiences that enable your team to be more productive on the move.

But we don’t stop there, with intelligent apps we’ll can help you automate your routine workflows whether internal or customer oriented and connect them to your core CRM, accounting or other line of business systems. Powered by Nintex workflows and Office 365, your team can take advantage of these apps on any connected device, dramatically reducing the time spent on admin tasks and enabling staff to focus on revenue and profit generating activities. Where opportunities exist to streamline customer’s experiences and enhance the customer journey, we’ll work with you on that too.

With digital transformation programmes high on everyone’s agenda it makes sense to partner with an organisation that knows the territory. If you’ve been delaying a digital transformation initiative then we’ll show you where to start, whether it’s helping transition you to the cloud, enable better productivity to a mobile workforce, or empower your staff through electronic workflow automations that will deliver tangible workplace improvements that teams can see and will love.

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Key Benefits

  • Avoid delaying your digital transformation agenda any longer
  • Leverage the power of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure to eliminate legacy infrastructure and move to an agile, functionality-rich application platform
  • Use the cloud to help employees and customers, connect and collaborate securely and seamlessly
  • Align IT budgets to take advantage of consumption based computing
  • Empower and free your team allowing them to work the way they feel most comfortable, wherever they may be


  • Make information securely available and actionable both inside and outside your organisation improving user productivity
  • Ensuring devices are registered and compliant with the right policies to maintain your digital safety, seamlessly revoking access without IT intervention
  • Experience a quantifiable and immediate return by eliminating the manual data entry and dead-time spent pushing paper from one end of the office to the other
  • Liberate your team, removing frustrating, error prone, time draining procedures to live a paper-free dream, driven by devices and underpinned by the power of SharePoint and Nintex