IT Consultancy

Has your business migrated to the cloud, and can leverage a robust suite of cloud productivity apps? Are your team empowered by technology, able to access company data and applications from anywhere across a range of devices? Do you know what digital transformation really means for your business and do you have a realistic plan to digitize your operations? Do you have a track record of successful change without disruption and resistance?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No” then Fuse Technology can help. Our specialist team of capable and accredited IT consultants and Solution Architects are experts in digital transformation, infrastructure modernisation, migrating to the cloud, IT security and managing successful change programmes.

As part of our digital transformation journey, we were looking to move the majority of our workloads to the cloud. Fuse were instrumental in navigating our way through the multitude of options and defining our hybrid strategy.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation isn’t about technology, but a profound digital reengineering of your business, its processes, operations, transactions, and the way your team interact with the aim of delivering exceptional customer experiences. In today’s market, digital transformation is essential for any organisation looking to grow and keep ahead of the competition.

But more often than not digital programmes never launch due to a lack of appropriately skilled personnel. Fuse specialises in helping organisations benefit from technology and the digital opportunity by building a digital strategy that encompasses shifting to a cloud based infrastructure, empowering and engaging a mobile workforce and automating businesses processes.

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Infrastructure Modernisation

Is legacy infrastructure damaging your productivity, delivering sub-optimal experiences and costing you more than it should? If your infrastructure isn’t working for you, it’s working against you.

Fuse Technology works with customers to modernise IT infrastructure no matter where you might be on the journey. We’ll help evaluate the status quo, and design a strategy to take your infrastructure, and your business forward. By working with your teams we’ll identify your key priorities across the spectrum of infrastructure and deliver advisory, planning, design, implementation and change management services to help you get where you need to go.

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Cloud Migration

You know that migrating to the cloud offers tangible benefits to your business. You may already be part of the way there and operating a hybrid environment comprising both on-premises and cloud based systems. But moving to the cloud is anything but simple!

Whatever, your current state, as Microsoft Gold Partners specialised in Cloud Solutions, when it comes to migrating applications and data to Office 365 and Azure, Fuse are the experts. We help organisations take advantage of the performance, flexibility, innovation, security and cost-efficiencies of moving to Microsoft’s hyper-scale enterprise clouds.

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Change Management

Change is hard, and projects are the management vehicle to take your business into the future. Yet market statistics show that whilst your business likely has an appetite for change, it probably doesn’t have the right expertise, budget or sponsorship, to successfully execute.

Good intentions are simply not enough, and ensuring your next initiative delivers on its promises requires an approach beyond simple project management. Fuse knows that good execution is not about ticking off tasks and has the expertise to ensure your next initiative doesn’t fall short.

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IT Security

Security has long been seen as a black art, and typically the domain of elite IT security specialists. Cyber threats are intangible and hard to predict and this very mystique, leaves businesses like yours, wanting proof of vulnerabilities before investing in defences.

The truth is that if your business has something of value others might want, rest assured you’re a potential victim, and weakness in security posture is like a digital invitation for a cyber-attack. Fuse, believes that security is part of an integrated design process. Our solutions, are built from the ground up to take your security into account. We can provide vulnerability assessments and also advise and implement the right solutions for you.

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