Technical Support

Managing and maintaining the complex modern infrastructure of a typical workplace places a tremendous burden on precious resources, draining time and stressing budgets. More so than ever before, teams are separated by distance and time – working from anywhere and everywhere, at home or on the go. IT must be seamless and effortless, easy to use and always on.

Yet as we all know, technology can break, or… people break it! So whilst the pressure of running a digitised business is always present, maintaining the capability and expertise to tackle any challenge inhouse, is simply impractical. Technical problems can range from the inconvenient and trivial to the business critical and paying for a premium skillset when a basic-level of support will do, really doesn’t make sense.

Flexible Support Packs

The reality is that most IT budgets have remained static so whilst outsourcing via a Managed Service is within reach for some, others either aren’t ready for the financial commitment or prefer a more targeted and flexible approach.

For seasonal or fast-growing organisations, locking up funds better invested elsewhere in the business, merely to secure a top-tier Managed Service experience is simply impossible. For this type of business, tech support on-demand, or having the right tool, at the right time, is a far wiser choice.

Fuse recognises the conflicts that embracing technology, keeping pace with rapid change, whilst managing overheads, creates for business. Moreover, we understand that organisations of all shapes and sizes need rapid, on-demand access to quality IT support without the cost and hassle of maintaining an in-house IT department.

Fuse flexible Support Packs allow customers to enjoy the professionalism and assurance of an experienced technical support team, whenever they need it, without the commitment of a fixed long-term contract.

Our prepaid bundle puts you back in control, and is tailored to meet a range of needs. Reactive maintenance and support can be redeemed as required, and is underpinned by guaranteed response times. Professional services and consultancy can be engaged for ad-hoc work, system audits, health checks or project initiatives.


Key Benefits

  • Pre-pay for reactive technical support, maintenance and IT consultancy
  • Purchase time in blocks of 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 hours allocated in 15 minute increments
  • Access our 24 x 7 Service Desk for round the clock support on high priority issues
  • Leverage highly qualified engineers, accredited across a range of technical disciplines


  • Balance reactive support with consultancy in a single, flexible commercial model
  • Only buy what you need, depleting support time on a consumption basis
  • Minimise the impact and risk of downtime with SLA’s and guaranteed response times.
  • Use the time purchased for a full 12 months.
  • Automatically renew once time is depleted and avoid unexpected interruptions to service