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Cybersecurity plays a vital role in protecting your business. Your intellectual property, competitive advantage, financial integrity and the personal information of your people, are all subject to your security posture, the cyber awareness of your team, and your company’s technology investment.

Yet in the wake of a global pandemic which saw millions of businesses transition to remote working, your digital boundaries have likely shifted leaving your IT infrastructure even more susceptible to hacking, malware, data loss, and cybertheft. Your information security is of paramount importance, whether you’re a well-known brand, or a smaller business. But, being smaller doesn’t necessarily make you any less visible or interesting to hackers. Security through obscurity is no longer a valid approach, if ever it truly was.

Often, smaller organisations are perceived as a "soft target" that probably haven't invested heavily in IT security. The bad guys don't need to steal millions, to make a cyberattack worthwhile.

Identity Management

Granting access to your company’s resources and the mechanisms for authorising appropriate privileges, lies at the very heart of modern IT security. The compromise of credentials and digital identity via spear phishing and malware are the primary means by which your network can be hijacked to either harvest information or appropriate company funds.

All it takes is for a single good credential for hackers to gain access to your organisation’s systems and cause widespread havoc. The days of unsophisticated attacks, characterised by obvious impersonation are long gone, and even the most cyber literate of personnel are susceptible to being fooled.

Fuse Technology helps organisations of all sizes, employing point solutions that simplify the process of managing privileges, tracking activity and enforcing policies that detect and prevent risky behaviours. We focus on the key areas of vulnerability and can help cyber-educate your team whilst building a technology foundation that significantly reduces the chance of being compromised.

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Threat Protection

Managing cybersecurity is an ever-evolving challenge that all businesses face. Attack vectors are numerous and constantly changing and for any organisation its difficult to find the right solution mix to deliver adequate threat protection. Your security suite should proactively search for malware, identify phishing attacks proactively, alert to suspicious files and unusual activity all-the-while responding in real-time, and offering recommendations to minimise future exposure.

Knowing how to address the biggest risks whilst maintaining constant overview of the health of your organisation requires the right solutions and the right partner. Fuse Technology, adopts a proactive approach to threat protection employing integrated cloud-based solutions to handle the gamut of security threats to deliver a robust and comprehensive approach to maintaining your business integrity.

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Endpoint Security

Your organisation’s approach to security demands a strategy for the array of endpoint devices your team uses, to keep business going. Laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices have proliferated with employees typically using more than one device to maintain connectedness. With the arrival of BYOD, your team no longer want to be constrained by the digital assets issued by your IT department. They want freedom of choice and to be empowered to connect and work from anywhere at anytime.

Each endpoint in itself represents a unique potential point-of-entry and a possible breach in your boundary. The control that everyday users exercise over such devices, each with varying levels of cyber literacy, makes securing and managing these endpoints critical, but far from easy.
Fuse employs a range of techniques for securing endpoint devices, from centralised control that delivers patch management, operating system and application deployment, compliance policies and standardisation to cloud-based next-gen antivirus responsible for detection and remediation.

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