Migrating to the Cloud

As a small business you may have limited resources. Time, money, and skills are forever in short supply and competing with larger, better funded market participants can be downright impossible.

Maybe you’re still reliant on paper-based processes, your applications are dated, and collaborative working has been significantly hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic. You understand the cloud offers a new way of working that empowers and enables staff, and might even have undertaken the first few steps, but there’s too many solutions and you don’t have the confidence in your local IT provider.

Embracing everything the cloud has to offer can be daunting. Staying secure, maintaining data integrity and retaining a seamless user experiences during migration is crucial.

Realising your potential

There’s little doubt that cloud is the answer to many of the challenges facing small and medium sized businesses today. It’s not surprising that 90% of businesses are using at least one cloud application, with a range of agile, functional and cost-effective solutions to fit any budget.

Cloud solutions save you the time, cost, human capital, and physical space that comes with deploying and managing your own infrastructure. They also keep your business information safe, accessible, and backed up. For small and emerging businesses, having cloud applications is invariably the best decision for feature rich functionality, data integrity, availability, and agility.

Informed decision making

A common problem for many businesses, especially those who are less tech lead, is identifying which IT solutions are the best fit for their business. There’s a lot of marketing hype and big budgets focussed on reducing the complex to the simple. With everything lessened to aspirational language and unrealistic ways of working, really understanding the differences can feel like quantum physics.

If you have already made a choice, migrating to the cloud safely, seamlessly and with all your data intact is no small feat. Get it wrong, and the impact on your business could be catastrophic.

Key challenges to a successful migration

  • Large data stores and databases: setting up business in a new, cloud-based environment and trying to transfer large databases over the internet can prove impossible. Coordinating and shipping storage appliances to cloud data centres and syncing data can also be complex, immensely time consuming, costly, and sometimes, unfeasible.
  • Transition from legacy applications: moving between apps and transitioning to a full cloud platform is never completely straightforward as is promised. Specialist migration tools must be deployed and configured to facilitate communication between different systems and there are unexpected hiccups as often as not.
  • Data Integrity and Security: it’s one thing for your data to make it safely to the other side, it’s another thing to have the assurance that your data is completely intact, secure, and available for you to access and reprovision as needed. Enlisting specialist help is important in ensuring that the data reassembly and re-provisioning phase succeeds.
  • Business Continuity: migrating to the cloud is about improving the availability and accessibility of your business applications and ensuring your current systems remain continuously operational throughout the migration phase. The multiple stages involved in transitioning from one system to another can negatively impact your business processes and put your business continuity at risk if each stage is not appropriately managed.

How can we help?

Fuse can support your cloud migration with access to a team of dedicated professionals. From objective setting to project management, we can safely and efficiently move your data. Our proven migration methodology delivers a faster and simpler deployment of your services and applications.

Leverage clear, unbiased experience for the most secure, compliant and efficient strategies to help your business ascend to the cloud. Exploit the expertise of a team that has completed hundreds of cloud migrations from platforms of all kinds to clouds of all shapes and sizes.

Offload cloud purchasing, provisioning, configuration, migration, project management, training and documentation to a team dedicated to ensuring your migration success. Level the playing field between you and the competition by accessing all the features, performance, availability and scalability without the risk of going it alone.

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