Infrastructure Modernisation

Technology is the foundation of your business and your infrastructure – the engine that propels you forward.

For many years the main concerns about aging infrastructure were if your servers were within warranty, if the software stack was dated and limiting and whether your compute, memory and storage capacity remained up to the job.

Times have changed. With digital transformation on the agenda, expectations of technology and its potential to impact growth are at an all-time high. Your employees and your customers are anticipating digital interactions with your business that are seamless and rewarding. That’s what digital brand leaders and even some of your competitors are beginning to showcase.

Fuse Technology helps our customers navigate the entire infrastructure modernisation challenge.

Grappling with a legacy, out-dated platform is costing far more than it should, draining your time, distracting your team and losing you customers. But it needn’t be this way.

Technology has advanced significantly since the monolithic application stack where each workload had its own dedicated hardware and operating system. Virtualisation and multi-tenancy has fundamentally altered information architecture, enabling cloud in its various forms as a highly cost-effective and increasingly, feature rich way to support a business. Your staff no longer want to be working on one device that’s still tethered to a desk. They’re on the go and aren’t slowing down.

If you’re not already in the cloud, it’s the first thing your business should be considering when looking to modernise. In its early days, offloading to the technology stratosphere meant sacrifices and the goal was about preserving feature parity with on-premises systems, whilst still enjoying cloud benefits.

Fast forward a few years and that dynamic had flipped with features released first in the cloud and later to on-premises apps. Today, cloud is the undisputed winner when it comes to delivering the best experiences, constantly being updated with new rich functionality and accessible from anywhere.

Depending on your current environment, dispensing with your legacy systems, moving more workloads to the cloud and modernising your infrastructure may seem pretty daunting.

It might not just be your application infrastructure that needs a refresh but your whole environment, from your mobile devices, desktop fleet, and the wired and wireless appliances that tie it altogether. However, when there is a lot catching up to do and budgets haven’t been focussed on updating your systems in recent years, it’s hard to know where to start.

Our experience spans from the mobile device through to cloud apps and all the elements that secure it, keeping you, your users and your data safe. We are even specialists in the security systems that protect your perimeter and  scan your technology stack for malicious threats.

We understand that your first priority is servicing your own customers and meeting your business’s needs. We’ll work with you to understand the your business goals, key priorities, main stakeholders and available funding and provide the right advice in planning where to start.

Our cloud-first philosophy guarantees that when working with Fuse, you’re working with experts in all elements of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure application hosting.

If you’re looking to transform your technology stack, begin exploiting the benefits of cloud, accelerate your cloud migration program or update your end user experience, then it’s time to talk to us. Our team, can design your cloud platform, purchase and provision it on your behalf, then deploy and configure your key systems, before seamlessly migrating your data and managing it all for you.


Key Features

  • Start building a platform today that enables your business to scale tomorrow
  • Leverage the innovation and evolving feature-set of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure to kick start your digital transformation agenda
  • Move away from legacy, monolithic foundations and harness the power of cloud to deliver a robust, available, performant platform relied on by the world’s biggest organisations
  • Identify your priorities and migrate on your terms, supported by our rigorous approach to discovery, design, migration planning and change management
  • Adopt world-class levels of security to protect your users, applications and sensitive corporate data.
  • Move away from 3 to 5 yearly cycles of capex expenditure on equipment and software, eliminating upfront costs and the ongoing overhead of maintaining these components.
  • Ensure the backbone of your environment, your network, offers your team the service quality and accessibility of a modern infrastructure
  • Empower end-uses by replacing aging laptops and desktops with new equipment with the capacity to leverage all the features and benefits the cloud has to offer.
  • Free your users to be productive from anywhere