Creating a Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace is a “future of work” business environment that recognises and embraces remote working, empowered users, collaboration, technology driven processes, and seamless communication as the new norm.

The positioning of any business as a modern workplace is what distinguishes those leveraging the benefits of this digital age and repositioning for better performance from organisations who are stuck in the old ways and at risk of obsolescence.

The modern workplace is no longer anchored by fixed, on-premises solutions. Now, more than ever, work has become something you do, not somewhere you go.

What is the modern workplace?

Workforce Mobility: Remote work is critical to creating the modern workplace as it enables flexibility, anywhere working and enhances your organisation’s ability to adapt to the changing business landscape. If done right, remote work will bolster employee productivity, enhance work/life balance, and support higher organisational efficiency at all levels.

Collaborative Work: The modern workplace should facilitate seamless team interdependencies and combined work product. When people, products, and technology fuse and collaborate effectively in real-time, they become truly empowered, outpacing competitors, and delivering better results.

Modern Tools: Businesses that want to stay ahead of the game are shedding obsolete tools and outdated technology in favour of smarter, faster, self-sufficient tools. The adoption of modern tools translates to higher productivity, increased motivation, and better employee engagement.

Open Communication: As opportunities for physical meetings and traditional communication have evaporated, seamless and virtual communication tools have stepped in replace this void, facilitating shared communication for better networking. Open communication fosters transparency for businesses that want to promote employee loyalty and positive work culture.

The modern workplace is about more than just collaboration

Business owners, managers and leaders who wish to initiate the workplace modernisation process must embrace a digital mindset, have a vision for what’s possible and be prepared to sponsor change and digital transformation. It’s about:

  • Enabling seamless communication for employees from anywhere at anytime
  • Eliminating clunky, manual processes prone to human error and replacing them with intuitive, compacted and automated processes that drive workflow
  • Providing teams, both geographically connected and disparate, with the appropriate conferencing and collaboration tools to work together
  • Using and organising data and technology to support effective data-driven decision making
  • Empowering users and creating better experiences end to end.

Putting the user at the heart of the modern workplace

Cloud is the foundation of the modern workplace, delivering agile, on-demand infrastructure and services  that scale effortlessly.

However, knowing where to begin is just one piece of the puzzle. The best way to introduce agility, transition seamlessly, and save costs during workplace modernisation is to engage with people who are experts in the field and are ahead of the changing infrastructure landscape.

At Fuse, we know that game-changing IT is about the end user. Our solutions are designed from the ground up to enhance the quality of interactions between your workforce and their working life.

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