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How Will AI Transform The Workplace?

On August 10, 2023, we invited our customers to an exclusive event at Microsoft’s office in Sydney.

Phil Meyer, Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft and Chuong Mai-Viet, our Managing Director at Fuse, delved into the future of work and the revolutionary impact of AI on the workplace.

You can rewatch both presentations in the recording below.

Key takeaways from this event:

  • Understand how Copilot and Microsoft 365 can empower your workforce, streamline processes, and elevate productivity to unprecedented levels.
  • Gain insights into the evolving landscape of work in the age of AI
  • Learn the best practices for integrating AI in the workplace responsibly and in respect of data privacy,
  • Discover essential data protection measures to safeguard sensitive information while leveraging Microsoft Copilot
Phil Meyer also mentioned additional videos describing Copilot capabilities, which you can find on the Microsoft website


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